Mesmerizing Water Droplets

Anti-Gravity Hydralamp

Hydralamp levitating display creates a mesmerizing visual and sensory experience. PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

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How It Works

- Pour clean water into the bottom container.

- Removable magnetic hour glass pieces for interaction.
- Hydra Lamp uses flowing water and lighting to create an anti-gravity effect.
- Learn more about how it works on our faq page.

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Anti-Gravity Water Droplet Display


The Hydra Lamp is an intriguing display piece that entices curiosity and interaction! The display has magnetic removable hourglass pieces to make Hydra Lamp a fun and interactive addition to any surface.


What's Inside
The Hydralamp anti-gravity display
Two removable magnetic hourglass pieces
Wall Plug
US 120V AC outlet (electrically compatible for 100-240V AC)
Weight: 3.4lbs
Dimensions: 6.2in x 6.2in x 10.66
200ml water storage tank
Uses clean still water

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hydar lamp anti-gravity light